Registration & Fee

1. Registration Fee

Payment Time



Before June 30, 2023

2500 CHY (350 $)

1200 CHY (170 $)

After June 30, 2023

3000 CHY (420 $)

1500 CHY (210 $)

(1) To enjoy the discounted registration fee and better services, please pay before the deadline for the discounted payment.

(2) For delegates with papers, please make sure to pay before July 10, 2023, otherwise, the papers will not be included in the conference proceedings.

(3) The registration fee standard is based on the payment date rather than the registration date.


2. Payment Methods

One of the following two methods can be used for payment of registration fee. N.B.: The remittance slip must be marked with: Advanced Materials Conference + Registrant’s name + Organization name (智能材料研讨会 + 注册人姓名 + 单位名称). After the transfer, please send the receipt to the following email address


(1) For bank transfer, by CNY

Bank name: 建设银行南京四牌楼支行

Account name: 东南大学

Account number: 32001594138059123456


(2) Payment by QR code



(3) For transfer from abroad, by USD:

Bank name: 中国银行南京玄武支行营业部  (BANK OF CHINA, NANJING XUANWU SUB-BRANCH) 

Account name: 东南大学 (Southeast University) 

Account number: 5040 5821 6351



(4) On-site payment

For delegates who cannot pay the registration fee in advance, please pay on-site during the conference registration and provide invoice information and mailing address. Only card payments are accepted on-site, and the organizing committee will send electronic invoices to on-site paying delegates after the conference.


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